Water Tower Research Completes Equity Fundraise to Support its Rapid Expansion

Chicago, IL –Water Tower Research LLC, the premier investor engagement and stakeholder communication platform powered by Wall Street veterans, announced today the successful completion of its equity fundraise. The capital will fund expansion of the organization’s team and technology.

Commenting on the equity fundraise, Water Tower Research Vice Chair & Co-Founder Tim Gerdeman said, “Our equity fundraise provides Water Tower Research with precious growth capital to support the firm’s continued rapid expansion as we have evolved from the start-up phase in 2020 to a thriving organization in 2021.”

With seven analysts covering a variety of industries and companies, the capital will also be invested in the digital platform, which is open to anyone without a subscription fee.

“This capital will support Water Tower Research’s continued investment in human capital, building out our already formidable technology and digital media footprints, and support the firm’s working capital requirements,” said Water Tower Research CEO Stuart Linde. “We have made significant progress since our launch less than a year ago, and completing this equity fundraise is another pivotal moment in our organization’s growth.”

About Water Tower Research

Water Tower Research is an investor engagement and stakeholder communications platform powered by sector experts with significant Wall Street and industry experience. We create, deliver, and maintain the information flow required by companies to build and preserve relationships with all stakeholders and existing and potential investors. In today’s world of multiple digital communications platforms, it is challenging for companies to consistently engage constructively with investors, customers, suppliers, and employees. Unified messaging and consistent communications with compelling digital content are paramount to achieving that goal. At WTR, our Wall Street veterans and digital strategies provide the foundation for realizing investor relations and communication objectives.

“Research for the Other 99%” opens the door for companies to digitally share their stories directly and engage with a broad, diverse set of investors.

Our Mission Statement

Water Tower Research was founded by Wall Street veterans after witnessing a fundamental shift in the investment research industry with the result being a declining knowledge base among investors, a lack of awareness and a shrinking pool of fundamental research being conducted on companies across the small-cap and micro-cap spectrum. The same issues are now increasingly occurring in the mid-cap space. This sea change within the investment community is impacting not only the companies themselves but also current shareholders and potential investors. With significantly less active sell-side sponsorship by Wall Street, a substantial information gap has developed between companies and various constituents in the financial community. The net result is fewer channels for insight and information to flow between companies and investors.

At Water Tower Research, we have built a new and innovative platform designed to reach ALL investors using free-to-access modern digital distribution strategies leveraged on the insights from credible and experienced analysts. We focus on identifying key variables and drivers that are impacting companies and then help investors understand said variables with the objective of providing resources needed to make intelligent decisions. With the incumbent equity research model on Wall Street facing unprecedented challenges, we are building a new model to help investors and companies rebuild the information exchange on which fundamental investment strategies are based.