Previewing KULR’s Upcoming Battery Solutions Day with Co-Founder and CEO Michael Mo

  • KULR Technology Group Co-Founder and CEO Michael Mo joined WTR to preview KULR’s upcoming Battery Solutions Day. The event is open to all investors and is accessible on-demand HERE.
  • The KULR Battery Solutions Day will be held on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, and will focus on the company’s battery storage and transportation business. KULR plans to showcase its thermal runaway shield (TRS) and present a technical demonstration of the solution.
  • The company has received special permits from the Department of Transportation for its solution and plans to explain those in more detail. Furthermore, the company will showcase how its product helps customers reduce complexity in business operations and logistics at the event.
  • KULR expects to discuss energy storage system (ESS) applications in addition to a broader discussion on its smart, safe battery technologies, including battery intelligence, cell analytics, and software and services.
  • The company is developing a new architecture of battery cell design using carbon fiber technology and is exploring applications to optimize for fast charging, safety, and better thermal management for lighter weight batteries, and plans to present these topics at the Battery Solutions Day as well.
  • You can access WTR’s prior content on KULR HERE.

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KULR Technology Group (KULR) develops and commercializes high-performance battery safety and thermal management technologies for batteries and electronics across a variety of applications currently dominated by aerospace and defense with emerging growth in EVs and energy storage. KULR’s proprietary core technology is a carbon fiber material that provides superior thermal conductivity and heat dispersion for an ultra-lightweight and flexible material. KULR’s passive propagation-resistant technologies improve battery system reliability and safety. KULR’s high-performance thermal management products are customized to aid the increasing cooling and passive thermal protection demands of next-generation electronics and battery systems.


Shawn Severson: Hello and thank you everyone for joining us today. My name is Shawn Severson, Head of ClimateTech & Sustainable Investing at Water Tower Research. Happy to have Michael Mo with us today, the Co-Founder & CEO of KULR Technology Group. We’re going to be discussing the upcoming KULR Battery Solutions Day and some topics around that, specifically.

Michael, if you can go ahead and tell us a little bit about what the Battery Solutions Day is?

Michael Mo: Hi, Shawn, thanks for having us. We announced the KULR Battery Solutions Day and the genesis of that is there’s a lot of investor interest in our technology. We feel that we need to give shareholders a more complete picture of what we do on the technical side. The typical investor presentation is more business oriented.

On one of the conferences about a month ago, it was a Friday afternoon, I did my presentation. Just to lighten things up a bit for the Friday aft...

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Michael Mo

Co-Founder & CEO

KULR Technology Group Inc.

Michael Mo is a technology entrepreneur and successful investor with over 25 years of experience in technology management, product development, and marketing. Mr. Mo started his career as a design engineer at HP. He has since started three technology companies as founder and CEO. He has also been an early venture investor in many successful technology companies including Spreadtrum Communications (NASDAQ: SPRD) which was acquired for $1.9 billion. Mr. Mo received a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara in 1995.


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