Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc. CEO Raveel Afzaal Discusses the Company’s Corporate Strategy, Recent Events, and Business Outlook

  • Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc. designs and manufactures alkaline electrolyzers that use water and electricity as inputs to generate clean hydrogen for use as an energy source. When the electricity used in this process is produced from renewable sources – such as solar, wind or hydro – the resulting hydrogen is “green”. In fact, this is the only way to produce green hydrogen.
  • Many countries have established net zero carbon ambitions and many also have announced hydrogen strategies as part of their carbon reduction plans. It is estimated that the production of hydrogen to meet the CO2 containment objectives of the Paris Climate Accord will require 270 GW’s of electrolyzers by 2030, the cost of which have come down 40% in just the past 5 years alone.
  • Next Hydrogen is the only publicly listed pure play electrolysis company in North America and has a differentiated technology platform. The company’s 38 patents effectively combine the best features of alkaline electrolyzers with beneficial performance characteristics of proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology. This enables a number of important and unique advantages: (i) 2.5x traditional current density, so that greater hydrogen production is made possible from the same quantity of materials, (ii) superior dynamic response, capturing fluctuations in energy at 5% per second, and (iii) scalable design, permitting a 300% increase in power to achieve economies-of-scale and reduced cost.
  • Next Hydrogen products have been validated in demonstrations with AECL and Canadian Tire. The company intends to deliver commercial products in the next 2 years and to scale the business as it attracts a share of the $80bn TAM opportunity that is expected by 2030, from both industrial and transportation applications.

Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc. designs and manufactures alkaline electrolyzers that use water and electricity as inputs to generate clean hydrogen for use as an energy source. Next Hydrogen’s unique cell design architecture, supported by 38 patents, enables high current density operations and superior dynamic response to efficiently convert intermittent renewable electricity into “green” hydrogen on an infrastructure scale. Next Hydrogen’s redesign of the electrolyzer system architecture offers the potential to meaningfully decrease green hydrogen production cost. Next Hydrogen has worked with Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL) and has undertaken an onsite hydrogen production pilot with major retailer Canadian Tire, which resulted in two follow-on orders. The company also recently announced a partnership with Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation, adding support for its innovative electrolyzer design. Following the successful pilots, Next Hydrogen is focused on scaling up its technology to deliver commercial solutions for decarbonization of the transportation and industrial sectors.


Shawn Severson: Hello and thank you, everyone for joining us today. My name is Shawn Severson, Co-Founder and President of Water Tower Research and Head of WTR Sustainable Investing and ClimateTech Research here at WTR.

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Raveel Afzaal

President & CEO

Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc.

Mr. Afzaal brings deep capital markets expertise through a distinguished career in equity research over the past decade, with a focus on Sustainability and Industrial Technologies. Prior to joining Next Hydrogen, he was an equity research analyst covering the Canadian Sustainability and Special Situations verticals for Canaccord Genuity. During his equity research career, Raveel was ranked in Brendan Wood surveys based on Buy Side nominations as well as by Thomson Reuters for estimates accuracy. Prior to joining equity research, Raveel worked in venture capital with XPV Capital. He graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from the University of Waterloo. He is also a CFA charter holder.


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